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Gumball Love Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

The Green Gumball: Green with Envy, Compete with Her for Me, is the guy who you'll be sitting with at your first or second date and he says, "I've gone on a few dates with this other girl, and I really thought she was it for me, but now that I've met you...I really like you too. I'm just not sure."

Just imagine, how do you feel in that moment?

You may feel the sudden urge to prove yourself worthy. Prove that YOU'RE the right choice, and start to compete with her. And that's exactly what gives him the high.

Know that none of what he does is about you. It is HIS insecurity, and he's just manipulating you and trying to get a reaction so he can feel better about himself.

In this episode, I give you all the red flags of a Green Gumball, how to respond when you're on a date with one or in a relationship with one, and how to stop going after these types of guys.

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