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Gumball Love Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

Hey girls!  Just wanted to check in with you. I recorded this a few days ago but had some technical difficulties.   

Just wanted to chat with you one-on-one.  I know this is such a weird time, scary time and so much unknown.  

I hope this lifts your spirits and gives you a little more hope!  Love you xoxo.....

Mar 5, 2020

"I just can't deal with the drama."  The famous line from the guy that creates all the drama. 

He Gaslights, picks fights storms out, stonewalls and acts bored if you aren't keeping things exciting. 

In this episode we go deep into all the ways the Gumball Guy gets you to feed into drama and create the intensity...

Mar 5, 2020

The Gumball represents attention.  But why is attention such a big deal? What actually happens when we get attention? What is the real reward?

In this episode we go deep in to the brain and unlock the keys you have never been told about Gumball Love before.  The science behind attention addiction that will have you...