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Gumball Love Podcast

Dec 9, 2019

Are you emotionally unavailable? 


I never thought I was until Dr. Debbie gave me and so many of you an A-Ha! moment that changed everything.


If I am meeting the needs of others I am unavailable to allow someone else to meet my needs.  I literally won’t be attracted to a nice guy because I have the unconscious contract to someone else.  


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! WHAT??? How is this possible?  AND…how have we gone our whole lives not knowing this.  


Think about it… you could be attracting unavailable men right now because of this and ONE TINY change in your mind and a few boundaries could be the paradigm shift.


This episode we also go deep into Dr. Debbie’s list of what it means to no longer be a dissatisfied single.   It is actually possible to say good-bye to dating anxiety and not take rejection so harshly.

I wanted this chat with you as I know how much my private clients really needed to talk this through.  I hope this helps you unpack and sort it all out.

About Dr. Debbie: 

Dr. Debbie Magids, Ph.D. is a counseling psychologist with a thriving practice In New York City.  She is the author of All the good ones aren’t taken: Change the Way You Date and Find Lasting Love. (Order it!, It’s life changing)

Dr. Debbie also appears on Good Morning America,  The Dr. Oz Show, Today, the Steve Harvey Show, Good Day New York, Fox News, Montel Williams and Howard Stern.

In short, Dr. Debbie is at the top of her game and knows her stuff.   Please share this podcast with your friends and tag @DrDebbie with your thoughts/questions.

I highly encourage you to pick up Dr. Debbie’s book, The Good Ones Aren’t All Taken: Change the way you date and find lasting love.”

Also:  Dr. Debbie has written two blog posts as additions to her book you will find very helpful and a nice summary of our discussion.


Contact Dr. Debbie:

Instagram: @DrDebbieMagids



I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this.  Don’t wait another second and go listen.

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