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Gumball Love Podcast

May 4, 2019

When he makes a comment or sends a text that hurts your feelings, do you say something? 

It's the moment in the relationship where things are going great and then fear creeps in.   You don't want to burst the perfect bubble but what he did really hurt.

In this episode we talk about how the second fear creeps in and you hold aren't being yourself.  In that moment, you lose a little piece of you.  Over time, those little pieces add up. 

Through this podcast you will see how conflict, even though it's uncomfortable can bring you closer.  And if he rejects you for being your true self, he's never going to be the one that fits you long term. 

Have you lost too many pieces of yourself in this process?  

If so, the next Back to YOU Academy starts May 5! 

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