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Gumball Love Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Are your parents keeping you single?

You are attractive, smart and doing well in your career.  There is no outward reason you shouldn’t be able to find love… but… what if you have developed a pattern that leads you to the Gumball Guy over and over?    Is your connection with your mom or dad causing you to unconsciously follow a blueprint you never knew existed?

Get ready for your mind to be blown! You are about to obtain the keys to understanding your blueprint, develop a healthier relationship with your parent(s) and gain massive clarity into your patterns to break them once and for all.

I am beyond excited for you to hear this episode as I believe it’s the best one I have ever published.  It’s the a-ha! moment I have been looking for and a huge missing piece in my content.   You will hear me “go to therapy” with Dr. Debbie and feel the pain and the joy of this massive revelation.

Dr. Debbie may not know how much she changed my life in this podcast.  She challenges the whole Gumball Love theory in a way I will be forever grateful.  When you don’t compete and you collaborate instead, you find your life’s work so much richer and better than it was before.


Dr. Debbie Magids, Ph.D. is a counseling psychologist with a thriving practice In New York City.  She is the author of All the good ones aren’t taken: Change the Way You Date and Find Lasting Love. (Order it!, It’s life changing)

Dr. Debbie also appears on Good Morning America,  The Dr. Oz Show, Today, the Steve Harvey Show, Good Day New York, Fox News, Montel Williams and Howard Stern.

In short, Dr. Debbie is at the top of her game and knows her stuff.   Please share this podcast with your friends and tag @DrDebbie with your thoughts/questions.

I highly encourage you to pick up Dr. Debbie’s book, The Good Ones Aren’t All Taken: Change the way you date and find lasting love.”

Also:  Dr. Debbie has written two blog posts as additions to her book you will find very helpful and a nice summary of our discussion.


Contact Dr. Debbie:

Instagram: @DrDebbieMagids



I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this.  Don’t wait another second and go listen.

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