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Gumball Love Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

When you're in a new relationship or just starting to go on a few dates with a guy, do you ever feel like you're being evaluated against some checklist on a clipboard?

He says things like, "When you do that it reminds me of my ex, who cheated on me..." or "I have trust issues so I can't handle it when you...". Then you find yourself doing backflips and performing trying to prove that you won't hurt him like the last girl. Things will be different this time, I'm not like the other girls!!

But he's still skeptical. And the more energy you spend trying to prove yourself, the more you lose part of your identity, the more your self confidence weakens, and the more you fall under his control.

And the more dopamine hits he gets so he can feel soothed, comforted by the fact that you probably won't leave him like the last girl.

Welcome to the last episode in this "flavors of attention" series! We've covered each Gumball flavor/color that correlates to a type of attention addiction that a Gumball Guy may have. The final episode covers The White Gumball: Prove Yourself To Me. It's white because you can picture a doctor in a white coat with a clipboard looking very skeptical and evaluating you.

After listening to this full series (links down below), you'll likely start to notice these behavioral patterns of guys you're dating or in a relationship with, and notice when you're giving them gumballs. When this happens, no need to judge yourself or to leave the relationship right away. Just becoming aware and observing are the first steps!


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