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Gumball Love Podcast

Jul 27, 2017

What is Gumball Love?

Gumball Love is a brand-new concept that will literally change how you look at dating and relationships forever.   Tune into this episode as Melissa goes deep into this formula that is now creating a world-wide movement. 

 Gumball Love is Attention addiction:  Attention is just like a Gumball, temporarily intense and sweet but soon the effect is gone.    Guys addicted to the “Gumball (any flavor of attention), get a high from the excitement, adoration and validation.  During this cycle they appear to be falling in love.    Suddenly the high is gone and they pull away, ghost or cheat leaving you feeling confused, rejected and heartbroken.

 This podcast is about finding real relationships and filtering out the Gumball Guys.    You will become an expert at seeing the red flags long before you fall in love.  This new awareness will bring back the fun in dating, give you confidence again and set you on the course to finding true love while being happily single in the process.