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Gumball Love Podcast

Aug 12, 2019

Wow, episode number 40!! Thank you all so much who have been listening from the beginning, and those who have joined along the way. 

In this episode, I get really vulnerable with you. I want to let you in on what I've struggled with along this journey of coaching and sharing the Gumball Love concept.

As a challenge to you AND to myself, we need to start claiming our success. When someone falls in love with us and sees our best qualities, we need to be open and able to receive that love. 

I let you in on what it was really like for me trying to get this concept of Gumball Love started 10 years ago. It took me a long, long time of fighting my own fears and doubts in order to finally put this idea out there.

And even today, those old feelings of embarrassment creep up--it's hard for me to receive the praise from the girls in the Academy that it's literally changing their lives.

I want to know where you're at and how I can help you. Please don't hesitate to send me an email at: I want to know if you are in a relationship and need to get out of it, or if you're out of a relationship but still stuck in the past, or whatever your situation may be. I really care, and I'm really good at this, and I can finally allow myself to accept that. 


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